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Energy Plus

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Energy Plus is a complementary feeding stuff for poultry, providing metabolisable energy, liver support, and plant extracts to aid healthy digestion and physiological needs in broilers and layers. Use especially during times of reduced feed intake, poor feed utilisation, where birds appear depressed or where energy supply is sub-optimal. Energy Plus can also be used during peak growth and lay, during diet change or when poor digestion of feed is evident.

Functional ingredients

Sorbitol – Providing available energy to help maintain active feeding behaviour and encourage performance.
L carnitine (amino acid) – Assists with the utilisation of fat from feed into energy.
Choline, Betaine and selected amino acids – Chosen specifically to support normal liver function, allowing for effective metabolism. Betaine helps maintain hydration and assists with liver protein synthesis while maintaining water balance.
B complex vitamins – Support valuable metabolic activity associated with energy production, particularly following stress.
Plant extracts (artichoke and gentian) – Included to aid digestive activity by helping to sustain normal gut function and nutrient utilisation. Gentian helps stimulate appetite and kidney function to aid toxin reduction. The most valuable components of the artichoke are cynaropicrin, inulin and flavonoids.

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